I love these type of posts that give a peek into what people’s typical days looks like. I thought it’d be fun to write up how a typical week day goes for us since our days are totally about to change with the addition of a new family member. If anything, it’ll be fun to look back on how things went at this time in our lives.

A “Typical Day” In Our Family – Alice 14 months, Melissa 9 months pregnant:

650 am – My alarm goes off, but usually I’m already awake. Alice has been waking up between 630 and 7 am these days, but we try to keep her in bed as close to 7am as possible. If she’s okay in her crib, or even better still asleep, I check the weather on my phone and usually quickly scroll through Instagram. I get out of bed and head to bathroom to brush my teeth, wash my face, and brush my hair.  If Alice isn’t needing me right at that moment I’ll put on makeup.  (I shower at night to buy myself extra time in the mornings.)

7/705 am – I head into Alice’s room. She’s usually standing in her crib and reaching for me while simultaneously signing for milk. I scoop her up and give her all the hugs and kisses. We open the curtains in her room, turn off her sound machine, and then I tell her it’s time to change her diaper. She usually protests. Afterwards we head to the kitchen where I fix her a sippy cup of warm milk. She’s been drinking whole milk since she turned one. She drinks her milk while sitting in her PBK chair (awesome birthday gift from her grandparents) in the living room and has a snack cup of Kashi “cheerios”.

710-730 am – I make myself breakfast (usually scrambled eggs, toast, and coffee) and eat it standing in the kitchen while Alice drinks her milk and eats her cereal.

730 am – Matt gets up and gets in the shower.  Alice hangs out with me in our room while I finish getting dressed for work.

745 am – Matt gets out of the shower and I fill my travel mug with coffee, pack last minute things for work and kiss both of them goodbye before heading out the door.

750 am – Drive to work and arrive by 8am.  I love living super close to work!

745-815 – Matt gets himself and Alice dressed for their days.  He takes her to daycare before heading to work himself.  Alice has breakfast once she gets there and goes down for a morning nap around 930 am.  She wakes up and has lunch, snacks, playtime, and another nap (which is hit or miss for her these days) in the afternoon.  After her afternoon nap it’s another snack and more playtime until it’s time to pick her up.
She’s in a very small daycare that has 5 or less babies at any given time.  The daycare provider only cares for babies up until the age of 1, Alice has been able to stay several months after her first birthday until a spot becomes available at her new daycare.  She loves her daycare provider and I so wish she could stay there…but such is life.  She starts her new daycare at the beginning of August and it’s a wonderful facility, but change and the unknown is always a bit stressful, no?  Lots of  changes for our little family coming up.  

8am-12 pm – Work.  Summer is slower and my work day is pretty low key compared to the rest of the year – something I’m super grateful for while pregnant.  During the rest of the year my schedule varies week to week since we are open till 6pm, but since it’s the summer I work 8-5 every day.  Lunch is at noon or 1pm.  For simplicity sake I’ll say it’s at noon.

12-1pm – Lunch time.  I usually drive home for lunch.  Occasionally I’ll run an errand or Matt will pick me for a lunch date.  Most of our dates these days are “lunch dates.”  :)

1-5pm – Work!

5pm – Leave work and pick up my girl.  Her daycare is less than 5 minutes away from my work.  She’s always happy to see me which I of course, love.  Our daycare provider is CHATTY.  I usually try to keep it short because honestly at the end of the day I just want to get home.

5ish – 515 – I talk to Alice on our drive home.  I sing songs and she attempts to sing along.  The afternoon car ride is not her favorite.

515 pm – We get home.  Usually Matt is already there or arrives shortly afterwards.  When he’s home he helps unload the car and carries Alice inside.  Alice has a snack (goldfish or Kashi “cheerios”) and we discuss what’s for dinner.

530 pm – One of us starts dinner.  Okay.  99.9% of the time Matt makes dinner.  Alice and I play, read books, and talk to Matt while he cooks.  I’m in the third trimester of my pregnancy and I’m pretty worn out by this time of the day.  Thankful for that husband of mine.

6 pm – We eat dinner together as a family.

620-7pm – Family time and kitchen clean up.  We play with Alice, read her books, and sometimes sit on the front porch.

710-720 pm – Bath time.  Usually I give Alice a bath but sometimes Matt does depending on what’s going on (depending on how tired I am, or if my back is hurting, or just because).

720-730 pm – Dress Alice in her pj’s and nighttime diaper.  We shut her curtains, turn off the lights, and turn on her sound machine.  We’ve been doing this bedtime routine for a long time now and I think it helps her wind down.  We sit with her while she drinks her sippy cup of milk.  In her nursery we sat together in the rocker, but now that’s she’s in her new toddler room we (whoever is putting her down) lays down with her on the daybed that’s in her new room.  I sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and say a short bedtime prayer with her.  Hugs and kisses and she’s down in her crib for the night.  Most of the time she goes down easily and we don’t hear from her again until morning.  Occasionally she’ll fuss and need us to come in and give her another hug and kiss.

730-930pm – Matt and I try to wind down for the night.  We hang out in the living room and catch up on our days.  During this time I’ll turn on my computer to blog or sort through photos.  Matt plays solitaire on his iPad and watches TV.  I’m not a big TV watcher so usually I’m reading or on the computer.  Occasionally we’ll watch a show together that we both like – there are a handful of those.  I try to get in the shower before 930pm.

930 pm – I give Matt a hug and kiss goodnight and head to bed.  Usually I’ll take 30 minutes to read and/or scroll through social media.  I try to have everything turned off by 10 o’clock, that doesn’t always happen.  Matt’s a bit of a night owl, he usually comes to bed before midnight.


Obviously each day will vary slightly depending on different circumstances, but I think the above is a pretty good basis for how most of our week days go.  Weekends we get in a lot more family time and some free/fun time as well.


What are your days like?  I love these types of posts so if you decide to do one please let me know.  I was inspired by this post.


Shortly after Alice turned one we had some professional photos taken to mark her first birthday.  We used the same photographer that took her newborn photos because we were so pleased with the way those turned out.

This time around, I ordered a coffee table photo book directly from the photographer that features 20 of our favorite shots from the session (it was so hard to choose!) as well as a couple prints to frame.  The quality of the book is so great and I loved the way the photos turned out.  I thought I’d share some of the pages here with you in case you’re interested:

Professional photos are definitely an extra cost and not one that we are going to be able to do every year, but it’s nice to have invested in these two sessions.  We plan on also having Baby #2′s newborn photos taken and then again once she also turns one as well.  After that we’ll probably only have professional photos taken every three to five years or so.  The focus of these photos will definitely be on our girls, but they’re also family photos since Matt and I are pictured in so many of them.

What do you think about having professional family photos taken?  Yay or nay?


See also Alice’s newborn photo session.

All photos taken by Erin Kanske of Artsy Phartsy Photography.  

One of the things I wanted to do for Alice’s new toddler room was to make it a bit more colorful. I was inspired by this image on pinterest and thought I could make a simple bunting using craft paper to add a punch of color. I chose mostly primary colors with the addition of a coral color and a robin egg’s blue. They were too pretty to not include!

I followed this tutorial for making the bunting, but couldn’t find my paper cutter (my office and craft supplies are a mess right now since I’ve moved them out of the office to make room for Alice’s new room). So the triangles are hand cut and definitely far from perfect. Some of them are actually kind of wonky, but I like to tell myself that the imperfections add character.

This was such an easy and affordable crafty project for me to complete.  I’ll be sure to share photos of the colorful bunting displayed in A’s new room soon.


+ also Alice’s nursery, which will become Baby #2′s nursery with just a few changes.

+ I used this same technique to make the bunting displayed at Alice’s 1st birthday party as well.

Matt’s parents decided to take Alice and her older cousin for pretty much the entire weekend. We sure missed our girl but it was nice to be able to get so much done in her new room. Matt was able to put together her brand new dresser from Ikea – which came in three boxes and ONE MILLION pieces – as well as assemble her crib.

Her new crib is actually identical to her old crib but since it doesn’t fit through doorways we just left her old crib in her old room for her baby sister and brought her mattress over into her new room.   Baby Sister will at least have her own brand new mattress. ;)

There are several decorating touches left to do in Alice’s new room, but she’s pretty much all moved in and spent her first night in there last night. She slept great and seems to really enjoy her brand new space. (Which is a relief!) Now all I have to do is figure out how to organize her huge bookshelf as well as organize Baby #2′s nursery. You know, nothing like waiting till the last minute to get you motivated.  Well that, and awesome grandparents that love and care for you child so you can get some stuff done and get to sleep in past 7am on both days of the weekend.



Yep.  Being sick is the worst.  Being sick while 8 months pregnant with an almost 14 month old cutting a couple teeth is no picnic in the park.  I must’ve won the lottery because this is the SECOND time during this pregnancy I’ve had a stomach bug.

I should be relaxing but my mind is going a mile a minute with all the things I need to be doing and don’t really have the energy to do so.  I can’t help but think that I don’t have time to be sick, I barely have time to accomplish life’s daily activities plus prepare for a sweet little girl that’s due to arrive in about 5 weeks.  Plus I really hate using sick time/vacation time (ours is all lumped in one) for something so non-fun.

Logging off.  Trying to slow down.  Get well prayers welcome!



I finally ordered hard copy prints of some of our personal family photos.  Over the weekend I took some time to sort through them and decide which ones I wanted in frames. I also ended up with a pile of photos I wanted to take into the office and pin up at my desk. Then I had a pile of leftover photos that I wasn’t quite sure what to do with.

With a bit of washi tape I decided to put them up on our fridge. It does look a little cluttered, but I figured it looks better than the collection of random magnets and take out menus that were hanging out there previously. Plus Alice is so into looking at photos these days. She loves being held and pointing at all the photos around the house and hearing the names of everyone pictured. Over and over and over again ;)



Anyhow back to family photos, how do you like to display your own personal photos in your home? I want to do a gallery type wall of family photos somewhere in our house but don’t necessarily want it to be the main focus in our living room.  I love our personal photos but want to find a way to display them in an attractive manner…

On the other hand, I also want to do another gallery type display of random sentimental things and photos (not necessarily of people) behind the TV media center in our living room, sort of like this or this. We really don’t have a ton of wall space for framed photos, plus how many gallery type wall displays can one room/house really have? I don’t want to go overboard and I do already have this collection of botanical prints.  I’m sort of having a hard time deciding what to do. First world problems, I know.

What do you do with framed photos and art?!  I’d love to hear and even better, would love to see if you have a link of what you’ve done in your own home.

p.s. See also DIY botanical prints.



Ah, Mondays after a long holiday weekend can be brutal, yes? Hope your Fourth of July was awesome. We attended back to back pool parties first on Friday and then again on Saturday. It was Alice’s first time in a pool and she was a fan. She didn’t cry, she didn’t flinch at the temp of the water, she just took it all in and loved it! She, of course, slept just like a baby both nights. We didn’t make it to fireworks because she was smooth out before the sun even set. Baby #2 will be just under a year old next Independence Day and I’m hoping she is just as good as a sleeper as her big sister, so I guess I’m thinking we may not make it to fireworks again next year either. We shall see though. Lots can happen!

I skipped out on getting in the pool at almost 8 months pregnant, but to be honest the water looked amazing and so inviting. I didn’t plan ahead and purchase a maternity swimsuit, but to be honest, I’m not feeling exactly swimsuit presentable these days. NEXT SUMMER THOUGH. I’m so diving in. Literally! ;)

How was your fourth? Did you attend pool parties? Eat bbq? Watch fireworks?

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