New Starts

I won’t be posting here anymore and I have no intention of renewing this site when it expires in May.  However, on a bit of a whim, I decided to start a new blog.  Yes. You can find me here and I’d love if you stopped by to say hello.

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Well it appears that I’ve written a total of four posts in 2016.  Perhaps I should consider transitioning this blog to a free sight 🙂  Although I believe it only costs $15 a month so maybe I could spring for the bill another year.  Ha!

I’m still here.  Between work and trying to be present for my family I feel like extra time is a rare commodity.  I hate to say “I don’t have enough time” because, well, I somewhat believe that we need to make time for the things that are important to us.  Family and paying the bills are pretty important.

I have so many things I’d like to share: vacations, trips we’ve been on, books I’ve read, thoughts on work, thoughts on being a working mom, my new side gig, our tiny bathroom remodel that has been on hold for almost two months because extra time is a rare commodity, our decision to move (eventually, not now but the decision has been made), my decision to transition into bullet journaling, parenting styles, watching my girls’ relationship blossom right before my eyes.  You know STUFF.

What have you been up to?  Does anyone even blog anymore?  Does anyone even read blogs anymore?  Are blogs internet dinosaurs – I feel as though they are.  I’m pretty active on Instagram if you want to follow me there @melissaoklahoma


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Oh Hey

Here are some things I’d like you to know:

+ We are going on another vacation this year. !!!! To Denver to visit the same dear friends we visited last Spring. After feeling like vacations were a distant memory in that phase of we have two babies under two years old, two vacations feels like we won the lottery. We’re bringing the kids and we are so looking forward to a long a weekend away.

+ ALSO I got to have a long girls’ weekend in Austin this year. I know. It’s crazy.  Plus the kids were sick as I was literally driving down the road.  Matt called and said both girls just threw up on themselves in their carseats.  #cringe  Before you think I’m a horrible mom, I offered to turn around three times but my darling husband told me to go on.  Thankful for him and my mother in law who helped out all weekend.

+ Matt and I have taken to having (almost) weekly lunch dates at our favorite authentic Mexican food place. He picks me up from work on my lunch hour and off we go. It’s so nice having that time, just the two of us to chat. Also the Wednesday special: puerco en salsa verde is ahhhhmazing. I get it every single time.

+ I scratched Run a Half Marathon off my bucket list. It truly was an amazing experience. I wish I would’ve written about it much sooner when the memories and endorphins were fresh. I crossed the finish line in just under 2 hours and 10 minutes, and I was pleased as punch with that time. My average pace was about 9:40 and I just cannot say what a great experience the entire thing was – from training, to crossing the finish line, to seeing all the runners and supporters, to my sweet family waiting for me at the end. I’m grateful for it all.

+ In keeping with one little word for 2016 I embarked on a new business adventure with Rodan and Fields. I’ve been intrigued by this company for years and this was the year I took the plunge. First, I love quality of the products, I love how my skin feels, I love helping people feel great about their own skin, and I’m also loving the business side of things. I’m stretching and growing and being challenged in ways that are so new to me.  Of course I’d love to share with you if you are at all interested.

How are you?  It’s been a while.

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Book Report

Last year I set out to read 12 books. I figured a month per book felt like a generous time limit. I ended up reading 12 books plus a few more, so mission accomplished! Some months I didn’t read at all and then there was one month where I read three. Either way, I think setting the goal definitely helped me be more conscientious in choosing a book over mindlessly scrolling through my phone after the kiddos went down for bed.

This year I decided to stay the course and read at least another 12 books. My literary year got off to a slow start, but thanks to our recent Mexico vacation I was able to catch up. Here’s what I’ve read so far:

Station Eleven: Yet another post apocalyptic book, but not of the young adult variety. It’s a fresh take on the “end of the world” and actually seems quite plausible. Reading this on vacation kind of gave me the creeps, but in a good way…? Not that there’s a good way to get the creeps (unless you are into that sort of thing), but being thousands of miles away from home really heightened the creep factor for me.

The Rosie Project: I had seen this pop up on one book round after another and decided to check it out for myself. It’s a romance novel but the main character’s approach and outlook on life gives it a unique and quirky spin. It’s a quick read laced with a good amount of subtle humor. I plan on digging into the sequel in the near future.

The Other Typist: Let me start with a little personal background story. This was actually a book I checked out of the library that ended up having to pay for due to an accidental coffee spill. The pages are still completely legible, but the library deemed it damaged and so I became it’s rightful and delinquent owner. The funny thing is I turned it in (gasp! coffee stained and all!) without even reading it!  I guess I have my clumsy ways to thank because I really enjoyed this one.  After residing on my nightstand for several months I finally decided to crack the spine and finished it a few days later. It’s suspenseful and definitely made me think. I still have questions and hope the author will write a sequel so they can be answered. I found discussion of it being made into a movie starring Keira Knightly, but this was several years back so who knows? This was probably my favorite read of the three, but really they’re all gems. I’d recommend reading any one of them.

What’s on your nightstand? I’ve got several non-fiction books I need to turn my attention to but could use another great nonfiction read.

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Five Years

Matt and I celebrated our five year anniversary this year in Mexico.  Specifically we stayed at the Excellence Cancun Riveria based off several recommendations from different and unrelated people.  It’s an all inclusive adults only resort and fit our bill for low key and worry free.  We had a super lovely time.

We drank, we lounged, we read and read and read, we went to the spa and got massages and hydrotherapy, we ate, then we ate some more.  It was so amazing to be able to sit and just be.   Then I got really stir crazy and demanded that we get up and actually go do at least one thing.  Turns out I have a limit on how much lounging and relaxing I can handle.  (Two days is lovely, three days is really pushing it.) So we went on an excursion and had a really great time! I’m sure I’ll post about our day away from the resort someday soon.  (hahahaha – “soon”)

I’m so glad that we were able to have this time together.  We haven’t been on a “real” vacation since before our oldest daughter was born – she’ll be three in May!  We returned refreshed and super excited to see our girls.

p.s.  Unrelated thoughts: While I was in the shower I had an idea for a new blog name!  I know, I blog so much right?   I’ve actually had quite a few different blog names but nothing ever seems “quite right” – because it matters #sarcasm.  Turns out motherhood, marriage, work, and laundry take up a lot of time.  But I love writing and sharing photos… I can’t quite call it quits and so sometimes random ideas hit me.

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Can we talk about mornings? Getting two toddlers (ages 2.5+ and almost 1.5) all on my own is a feat. Some mornings go smoother than others. Some mornings they both wake up with smiles on their faces and pass out hugs and kisses with ease. Those mornings are the best.

Then there are our other mornings. They often start out with my oldest claiming that she wants to stay in her jammies “all day long” because they’re comfy. (I hear what she’s saying, I really really do.) No she doesn’t want a ponytail. Wait, never mind, yes she does. She doesn’t want to wear pants, she wants to wear a dress. Unfortunately all her dresses are in the laundry hamper waiting to be washed. Finally she’s dressed and we head next door to get her little sister up. Only she doesn’t want me to put her down. She begins screaming and peeling her coat, shoes, and socks off in protest.

While my oldest is undoing all that I’ve painstakingly done to get her ready, I’m doing my best to change my youngest child’s diaper, which I imagine, is similar to changing an angry baby crocodiles diaper. After much squirming and pinning down (and screaming) I get my youngest dressed and ready to go. She’s now all smiles. Until I have to put her down to get my oldest re-dressed.

Once everyone is dressed and ready to go, no one want to walk to the car. They both insist on being carried and we are officially running late, late, late. Knowing that we just need to get out the door and on our way right.this.minute, I hoist one into each arm, for a combined weight of 50 pounds, and struggle out to the car. You best believe that I’m now sweating and we can also both agree that I should be in better shape with this re-occurring morning cardio and weight training session.

Of course before they are buckled in, I have given them some sort of breakfast. Even though they will have a full breakfast in approximately one hour at school they will scream (literally scream) with hunger pains the entire drive to school. I now “get” why all my mom friends have dirty crumb infested vehicles. My oldest is wailing in despair because her PB and jelly toast is not staying perfectly folded as it should. My youngest is happy as a clam since she has something to eat.

As we back out of the garage, I hear the sweetest little voice, “Mom I pooped.”

Eventually we make it daycare. We must drop the baby off first before the oldest or the world will end as we know it. Hugs and kisses all around and I’m speeding off to work, which luckily is less than 5 minutes away. I springt into the office 10 minutes late where I’m met with disapproving silence and judgement from my darling co-worker. I’m focusing on saying only nice things if I can’t say anything at all. I put a lot of pressure on myself.

How are your mornings?

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Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

It’s been a good year.  A busy year.  Our oldest turned two and our youngest turned one in 2015.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Like I said, busy!  But so good!  Our little family has gone through so much growth, in a hard yet incredibly great way.  I quasi participated in One Little Word in 2015 and picked gratitude.  It was the perfect word and I am, indeed, grateful for SO much.  There were so many moments where life’s imperfections made themselves known this past year and that little word, gratitude, would pop into my head in the best possible way.  Gratitude was such a great reminder of all the things I already knew in my heart.

Blogging really took a back seat for me the last half of this year.  I’ve become really interested in getting back in shape (which I’ve mentioned before).  I still have a long way to go, but I’ve also come a long way – which is exciting and encouraging.  I can hardly believe that I’ve become a person that gets up at 515 am to exercise 3-4x a week!  It’s still a struggle.  Every morning I argue with myself about whether or not I really need to get up and wouldn’t staying in bed be so much better?  The answer is get up because hashtag neverregretaworkout is actually true.  (Unless you are seriously ill, like with the flu, then perhaps you might regret working out.)

I am in no way a “fitness” expert but I’ve invested a more of my time and effort into learning and exercising for the past half year.  I have always been interested in fitness and have worked out here and there for most of my adult life.  This is just the first time I have been consistent for this amount of time.  I’m actually surprised by myself.  Truth be told, I think that my back to back pregnancies and exhaustion related to being a new mom and breast feeding really spurred my fitness interest.

Carrying my children and nourishing them during that first year of each of their lives was such a gift.  I’m not eloquent enough to put words into describe pregnancy or nursing, so I’m not even going to even try.  If you have done either, you understand and if you haven’t then you can perhaps imagine.  You can also imagine or know that both pregnancy and nursing is constricting in a sense and there are moments where you feel like you just want your body to be your own.  I’m grateful for both feelings – the awesomeness of pregnancy and breast feeding as well as the urge it created in me to seek out a fitter healthier lifestyle.

My healthier and fitter lifestyle is really simple.  I definitely don’t want it to come across that I’m this super athlete that eats super clean healthy foods all the time because that’s just not the case.  At all.  I’m just a gal that exercises moderately and eats healthier than I did before.  I’ve probably over explained myself here.

In 2015 Matt and I attempted a Year of Dates.  And we did really well!  Once football season rolled around, however, we pretty much just had time to make it to football games and not any extra date-dates.  I’m going to go ahead and say that the football games still counted as dates because they were  fun, it was just the two of us, and it was quality time together.

My babies are growing and talking and learning and doing so much.  I’m realizing that we are about to be out of the baby-baby phase and that is giving me some major sentimental feels.  Oh motherhood!  What can I say???? It’s the best, it’s the hardest, but really it’s just the best at the end of the day.  I would say more, but I’m still trying to determine the degree to which I want to share their lives online.

I’m not sure what 2016 will bring but I’m hoping for more vacations, some home improvement projects (maybe even a new home?? (big maybe)), more date nights, more family adventures, more creativity, a completed half marathon (yes! hopefully!!), girlfriend dates, crushing fitness goals, and just lots of fun.  I’ve got my brand new planners ready to go (I love me a fresh new planner!) and my word for 2016 is Brave.

Brave as in: I want to be brave and put myself out there a little more, be brave and not allow the (possible) opinions of others to bring me down or prevent me from doing something I really want to do, be brave and train for that half marathon (yes!), be brave and ask for help, be brave and create something big or something small, be brave and go for it.

Happy New Year to you and yours. <3 I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to this past year and what you’re looking forward to in 2016.

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