Oh Hey

Here are some things I’d like you to know:

+ We are going on another vacation this year. !!!! To Denver to visit the same dear friends we visited last Spring. After feeling like vacations were a distant memory in that phase of we have two babies under two years old, two vacations feels like we won the lottery. We’re bringing the kids and we are so looking forward to a long a weekend away.

+ ALSO I got to have a long girls’ weekend in Austin this year. I know. It’s crazy.  Plus the kids were sick as I was literally driving down the road.  Matt called and said both girls just threw up on themselves in their carseats.  #cringe  Before you think I’m a horrible mom, I offered to turn around three times but my darling husband told me to go on.  Thankful for him and my mother in law who helped out all weekend.

+ Matt and I have taken to having (almost) weekly lunch dates at our favorite authentic Mexican food place. He picks me up from work on my lunch hour and off we go. It’s so nice having that time, just the two of us to chat. Also the Wednesday special: puerco en salsa verde is ahhhhmazing. I get it every single time.

+ I scratched Run a Half Marathon off my bucket list. It truly was an amazing experience. I wish I would’ve written about it much sooner when the memories and endorphins were fresh. I crossed the finish line in just under 2 hours and 10 minutes, and I was pleased as punch with that time. My average pace was about 9:40 and I just cannot say what a great experience the entire thing was – from training, to crossing the finish line, to seeing all the runners and supporters, to my sweet family waiting for me at the end. I’m grateful for it all.

+ In keeping with one little word for 2016 I embarked on a new business adventure with Rodan and Fields. I’ve been intrigued by this company for years and this was the year I took the plunge. First, I love quality of the products, I love how my skin feels, I love helping people feel great about their own skin, and I’m also loving the business side of things. I’m stretching and growing and being challenged in ways that are so new to me.  Of course I’d love to share with you if you are at all interested.

How are you?  It’s been a while.

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Lately, on being crazy

lately (coffee)balancedgo go go
– Yesterday I was that girl. You know: crazy, emotional, maybe a little irrational. Ever been there? Poor me! Or rather, Poor Matt! Eventually the craziness had to stop and so I just spilled the beans on what was bothering me as best as I could. And lucky for me, my husband wrapped me in his arms and said all the right and reassuring things. Genuinely. Then he told me to get dressed and took me out for a couple drinks and dinner and forgot all about his wife’s crazy behavior. Note to self: I have an amazing husband.

– I got up at 6 am the other day and met some ladies for a long bike ride. We rode over 28 miles. According to my little heart rate monitor/GPS tracker I burned 1277 calories. Whoa!!! I was exhausted.

E X H A U S T E D.

But I loved it and want to go again soon.

– Our house. Who are these people that unpack and get organized within the first day of moving in? Or even the first week? WHO ARE YOU? And please come over and help me because that’s never been me. And I want so many things for our new place. Plantation shutters vs. bamboo blinds, a new rug, rocking chairs for the front porch, new patio furniture, more seating in the living room, new desk for the office…etc, etc, ETC!

– Plus the TO DO List: paint furniture, finish touch up painting in the living room, finish organizing every single room, and how am I going to decorate those built in bookcases by the fireplace? But again, I love it. I love it and I hate it. So if I had to pick one, I say I love it.

– This weekend is all about stepping back and having a visit with my side of the family. It’s long over-due and I’m looking forward to it. Chatting with my dad, mom’s home cooking, lounging on the back patio while talking about everything and nothing, coffee at the breakfast table, and not having a damn thing to do. Sounds pretty fantastic to me.

What about you? What’s been going on lately? Any craziness? Tell me I’m not alone!

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Lately, spring to summer


My little home state has some of the most gorgeous sunsets I’ve ever seen anywhere. These few images were actually captured in the Home Depot parking lot (somewhere I’ve been spending a lot of time lately). I walked out of the store, empty handed for once, and couldn’t resist a taking a couple snaps.

paint cards

I have been knee deep in paint ya’ll. We have pretty much painted every single room in our new home except for the bathrooms and the garage! My husband is a big supporter of Kelly Moore paint, which is what we have used to paint the entire house except for the master bedroom and laundry room. Most of the house is painted the same neutral grayish brown color with the exception of the Master bedroom and laundry room. When we got to these last two rooms, I decided that Kelly Moore paint was just too expensive and I was determined to save a little cash and buy a couple cans from Home Depot for the last two rooms. I mean how much difference can there be between brand A and brand B? Well my friends, through first hand experience, I must admit that my husband is 100% right. Kelly Moore paint is the hands down superior paint brand with better coverage and a much less offensive odor. (Kelly Moore – feel free to send me a gift card.) Thankfully I do like the colors I chose from Home Depot for the rooms mentioned, but man oh man – the effort involved to get those rooms painted was so much more.

We are excited to say that we will probably be moving in this weekend. Finally, finally, finally. I’m so ready to move into our new home.

sweet black berries

As Spring heats up to Summer I relish in some of my favorite things: sweet berries, balmy evenings that make you just want to linger a bit longer on the porch (and sometimes the street curb), and the first outdoor concert series of the season, Summer Breeze.

street lampfirst summer breeze

The weather transition from Spring to Summer can be a bit of a struggle and we enter that odd frame of time known as Tornado Season. I snapped these couple photos before Matt (who was out of town) told me to get my booty to my in-laws house. They have a basement. I packed two very nervous dogs (one being a horribly shedding German Shepard) into my car and drove the short distance to Matt’s parents’ house. The door to the basement stayed propped open as we watched a live tornado not too far away twist across the news.

darkening skydarkened sky

We were fortunate and I’m ready for tornado season to be done and over with. My heart goes out to so many people affected, not only in own home state but for all those affected by the devastation that has swept across the Midwest and the South. I’m at a loss for words that could sincerely express my feelings on the matter.

Hoping you are healthy and safe wherever you are. Tell me, Friends, what you’ve been doing lately?

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Lately, the little things

To say we’ve been busy is an understatement. Purchasing our first home, working, thinking about packing, caring for two hairy ass animals, and life in general has pretty much taken up all our time. I suppose life in general takes up most people’s time, no?

In all my busyness, I haven’t really snapped that many photos with my camera. Sad times. I have, however snapped dozens of photos with my phone using the Instagram app.

the little things, in a mess of photos:

rainy roof
We got a lot of rain, finally. One weekend morning Matt and I laid in bed for as long as possible listening to the epic thunderstorm outside our bedroom window. As the thunder crashed and the lighting lit up the dark sky, we snuggled down furthur into our fluffy comforter. I love weekend mornings like that. The sound of the rain pinging off the roof in our second story bedroom is probably one of the only things I’m going to miss about living here in our townhouse. rainy work day
Rainy day at work. Boo! I was longing for the coziness of my bed when I snapped this photo.
expensive gas prices
there’s been expensive gas
new kate spade sunglasses
and new Kate Spade sunglasses via TJ Maxx! (LOVE that place)
love you message
there’s been sweet messages texted to my husband while he works away
paseo grill date night
date nights at new places
strawberry balsalmic martini
with new cocktails
morning light
there’s been waking up to sunny mornings oatmeal and fresh fruit
and tasty breakfasts

I hope you have a great weekend friends! I’ll be busy trying to pack as opposed to just thinking about packing. Do you have any fun plans lined up? Do share!

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Lets Catch Up

Guess what I finally got? A camera! Yeah! I decided on another Canon PowerShot. So far I like it, although I don’t really have any new pics to share with you. One of my favorite features is the size. Nice and small. Fits into my tiniest clutch with room for money, drivers license, and a lipstick. Of course I’d love an SLR, but it’s not quite in the budget yet… soon I hope!

This past week I feel like I’ve been working like a dog. I’m actually working the same amount of time, but due to some scheduling snafu I had to work a lot of days really close together. Which makes for a very tired (and sometime grumpy) girl.

I did get the fourth of July weekend off, which was nice, albeit busy. I guess it seemed more busy than it was because I was super tired from my snafu work schedule. Friday and Saturday night were busy with a cookout and a birthday party which led to Sunday the fourth. Rain. All day long. You’d think I’d welcome an excuse to stay home, but I actually got a bit of cabin fever.

Finally our neighbors got a new puppy. It’s the cutest thing and it made it’s way over into our yard through a gap in the fence. Millie, my killer dog, actually loves the puppy and played her little heart out with it. Well… she spent a lot of time trying to hump it, which I found disturbing, but whatever right? But here’s the annoying thing. Our neighbors leave their brand new puppy out all day and night. Why???? I just don’t understand why people get pets and just leave them out in the backyard all day. Not only do I not understand, I find that this drives me crazy!!! Crrrrraaaazzzzy I tell you. If you’re going to get a pet and just leave them in your backyard all day long, don’t bother! Okay, I’ll get off my soap box now. But seriously.

What I seriously need to do is laundry. And lots of it. And dishes and grocery shopping. And I should work out. Maybe I’ll just read…

How’s your holiday weekend been?

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As of Lately…

Impressed with myself, as I’ve ran a total of 6.2 miles since Sunday. That’d be 3 days of running about 2 miles each time. Still, it’s been so long since I’ve regularly laced up my running shoes, and pounded the pavement. And it feels good…real good. It’s amazing what a bit of sunshine after days and days of endless gray weather can do to motivate someone to get outside!

Trying to not be frustrated with people who don’t put in as much effort as I do to stay in touch. I figure that if I think you are important enough for me to call or email, that you should consider me just as important of a person to deserve a response! Alas, I realize this is not the case and most people just are not good at responding…

Remembering how much I enjoy having the television off, and listening to music instead. Taking my time in reading The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner. Enjoying my week days off. Endlessly cleaning the floors that are always covered in dog hair and dirt. Accepting that this is the life of owning two hairy animals.

Focusing on being happy in the present. Being content in my current home and brainstorming up ways to spruce it up and make it feel more cozy. Contemplating the daunting task of cooking Chef dinner tonight. He’s not nicknamed Chef for nothing.

What have you been up to lately?

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As of Lately…

Enjoying my day off. With my new job I get 1,2,3, FOUR days off a week. I’ve been adjusting to it rather well. There are positives and negatives to this. My three work days are loooooong (12 – 12 1/2 hours) and I have to work 2 weekends a month and (basically) every other holiday. The weekend and holiday requirements reeeeaaalllly bug me. I like to spend my free time with people I care about and when our schedules don’t match up, it doesn’t always work out. Ah…such is life. It’s way better than my most recent job prior to this one. Man that place was terrible…I don’t even like to think about it. Moving on…

Eating: Made from scratch, cream of mushroom soup topped with bacon, avocado, smoked cheddar cheese, and a large homemade parmesan crouton. My taste buds were in heaven. I have a boyfriend whom I’ve nicknamed Chef, for obvious reasons. With these kind of meals, I’m more than happy to wash every dish in the house.

Drinking Kona Coffee. This is my absolute favorite coffee and I have the hardest time finding this particular brand. I was able to get this bag from someone who has access to a commissary, but otherwise I never see this coffee in any of the stores. (I’m looking at you Target and Wal-Mart)In fact, I had the hardest time finding this image online…but now that I’ve found it I may have to buy myself several bags of this deliciousness. If you love coffee, then you should stock up. It’s wonderful! Coffee and images from Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Co.

Wanting to buy a new Canon DSLR camera. I’ve been wanting one for a really long time and then I got some Christmas money that I could put towards it and thought perfect timing! I could take pretty pictures like Wishcake and maybe take a class at our local Arts Center and become a photo taking master-expert! Wrong! With my new move, a new washer and dryer is a need, and I’m also needing a new vehicle. Sometimes being an adult that makes responsible decisions isn’t so fun. However, when I do buy one I want to thank Kyla for all her twitter advice. I’ve been reading some of the forums on the Digital Photography School website like you suggested!

Reading. Aren’t these cloth bound Penguin Classics gorgeous? Chef got me a copy of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. I’ve actually never read any of Jane Austen’s books (gasp!!!) and am going through it slowly but surely. I’m… enjoying it, but to be honest the old timey language is a bit labor intensive for me. Another confession? I spilled a small amount of coffee on the pretty book cover! I know, I know…I’m hopeless. Don’t judge me too harshly. So even though I’m clumsy and dense in my comprehension of Austen, I do want to expand my classics collection and think that these beauties will not only make for good reads but also make for a pretty display… (Read more about them here.)

Busy packing. Or rather trying to be busy packing. I loathe packing. Such a mundane chore. This upcoming weekend Chef and I will be busy painting, picking up a new washer/dryer, and hopefully a new couch. With next weekend taken up and my work schedule I only have three days to get the rest of my stuff packed up. (And yes, I guess I just sort of shared my news…)

Fitness hurts me. I’ve been out of the gym too long. This time last year (give or take a month) I was running 3 miles, 2-3 times a week like a champ. I even ran 6 miles without any problems. My waist was wittle, my legs were toned, and I was feeling great. Fast forward a year to yesterday when I went to the gym and ran one mile at the slowest rate ever. Pathetic really. So I’m jumping on the Lets Get in Shape It’s a New Year Resolution band wagon. I have to. Seriously.
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