101 Things
1. I’m a Christian.
2. I’m an only child.
3. I’m pregnant with our second child & excited to become the mother of siblings!
4. Our daughters will be 15 months apart. This wasn’t planned but we are excited!
5. I hope my girls love each other, are loyal to each other, and end up life long best friends.
6. Motherhood has taken me by surprise. I was never a “kid person” but the love I have for my own child is intense – indescribable really.
7. My family means the world to me.
8. As a wife and a mama I think it’s important to still “be me” and have the time to do so. I think having the opportunity to be and do the things I love outside of my most important relationships makes me a better person in every area.
9. I met my husband, Matt, at a bar.
10. He told me not to spill beer on his boots.
11. I found him slightly incorrigible.
12. I fell in love with him anyway and I must say I find him very amusing.
13. We dated for two years before getting married in February of 2011.
14.. We had 30 guests at our wedding. We wanted it to feel like a dinner party & so it did! It was awesome and very “us.”
15.. We honeymooned in NYC. I consider that trip one of my most favorites, if not my actual most favorite, vacation to date.
16. My favorite thing about my marriage/about my husband is that we are also friends.  We genuinely have a good time with each other.
17. I’m thankful to know that you’re actually supposed to enjoy your spouse!
18. My birth certificate says “American citizen born abroad.” I’m pretty sure that this means I can never be president.
19. My dad was in the Air Force. We moved every three years up until I was in the 5th grade.
20. From 5th grade till my senior year of highschool I lived in a very small town in Oklahoma.  It was a great place to grow up, but I can’t ever see myself moving back to live there.  Ever.
21. My parents still live in that same small town and I don’t think they’ll ever move away.
22. These are all the places I’ve lived: the Philippines, North Dakota, Florida, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and California.
23. I attended the University of Oklahoma and graduated with a bachelors degree.
24. College was one of the best times of my life.
25. It only took me six years to complete a four year degree (that’s what happens when you change your major your junior year of college).
26. I was actually married once before – to my college boyfriend.  Going through a divorce was rough and it was during that difficult time in my life that I found clarity in so many over used trite sayings (i.e. “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger,” “everything happens for a reason,”  and most especially “hindsight is 20/20”).
27. I have exceptional friendships with a few exceptional ladies.
28. I love a good laugh and am easily amused.
29. Genuineness, loyalty, self respect, and a sense of humor are a few of the characteristics I find invaluable in a person.
30. Dishonest, hypocritical, and self serving characteristics make me want to run in the opposite direction
31. Speaking of running, I want to run at least one half marathon in my life (hopefully I’ll be able to finally train and make this goal happen next year.)
32. I enjoy taking personality tests.
33. According to several Type A/Type B tests I score right in the middle of both.
34. Apparently I also use the left and right side of my brain fairly equally.
35. I’m always craving an adventure/vacation.
36. If money wasn’t an option I’d travel the world for sure.
37. At the top of my travel bucket list: Italy and an African Safari
38. But really I want to see so many (all of the) places on this great big world of ours.
39. I enjoy documenting our lives in photographs.
40. I have plans for making annual hard bound family photo books of all our photos.
41. I can be a procrastinator at times, but I wish I wasn’t at all.
42. My favorite kind of date with my husband is one where we can be leisurely and talk about nothing and everything.
43. I love all four seasons.
44. But summer is probably my favorite.  I adore balmy summer nights the best.
45. One of my most favorite summer activities is sharing an evening over good food and drinks with friends and family on a lovely outdoor patio.
46. I don’t watch a ton of television.
47. If I’m home alone, 9 out of 10 times I’m listening to music as opposed to watching television.
48. I love rainy weather.
49. Thunderstorms are awesome.
50. I’m not a huge sports fan, but I’ll always root for the Sooners, the OKC Thunder, and any other Oklahoma based team.
51. I certainly love our life in a small town, but I am pretty sure I’d also feel at home in a large city
52. I work 32 hours (4 days a week) outside of the home.
53. I work in a very non creative (artistic wise) career
54. Therefore I try to explore my creativity outside of my day job
55. Recently I took my very first art class, all on my own, and really enjoyed it.
56. I’ve always loved writing.
57. I kept a journal all through my adolescence and teenage years and my favorite elective in high school was Creative Writing
58. I enjoy reading
59. Sometimes before completing a novel, I’ll flip to the back and skim the very last paragraph.
60. I like edible gardens
61. I like indoor gardening
62. I’m a dog person.
63. But I like animals in general.
64. I like to begin sentences with conjunctions. I’m a grammar rebel!
65. My goal in decorating our home is to make every space visually appealing, but more importantly that every space is useful and livably functional.
66. I think that things are meant to be used and not “saved” for special occasions (i.e. fine china, formal living & dining rooms, the “good” towels.)  You only live on this earth once, use and enjoy your stuff when you want!
67. I enjoy happy surprises.
68. I was a vocal choir member from 6th grade till 12th grade.
69. During that same time frame I was also in drama.
70. My senior year I was in show choir.
71. Sometimes when I sing I will still display “jazz hands.”  It’s fun and funny.
72. My senior year of highschool I was also a cheerleader (I was terrible).
73. I never quite got the routines down.
74. There’s a picture of me in the paper doing the completely wrong move.
75. Sarcasm makes me laugh.
76. I personally do not like to use abbreviations like LOL.
77. But I’m the QUEEN of emoticons 🙂 😀 :/
78. I love bright primary colors.
79. I love soft colors and neutrals.
80. I’m not overly indecisive unless you want to know my opinion on where we should eat.  Then I do not know.
81. I like for the rooms I’m in to be bright and light, so please, let’s open all the windows during the day and turn on all the lights at night.
82. My mother, who cannot swim, taught me how to swim. (I don’t understand this either.)
83. I’m pretty good at doggy paddling.
84. I’m a coffee drinker.
85. Inevitably I wind up spilling it on my shirt right before I walk into the office.  This has prompted me to primarily wear dark colored clothing to work.
86. I don’t have any tattoos.  For a while I thought I’d get a small one in an indiscreet location, but now I’m thinking probably not.
87. Sunsets make for my most favorite time of day.
88. I don’t particularly enjoy driving.  I’d much rather be the passenger any day.
89. The best and most freeing advice I ever received: “you cannot control other people’s choices, but you have full reign of making your own!”
90. I’m a lot happier when I choose to not worry about the “what if’s”
91. I’m a list maker.
92. I like to check off completed items.
93. One of my favorite things to do at the end of each year is shop for a new calendar.
94. I use three different types of calanders: a wall calendar, a personal day planner, and the calendar in my iphone.
95. My favorite alcoholic beverages include hefeweizen beers, cocktails made with vodka, and pinot noir.
96. I absolutely do not like tequila. And I can totally taste it in that perfect margarita no matter what you say.
97. My favorite non alcoholic beverages: Arnold Palmers, Water, and coffee with cream and sugar
98. I like Mac products.
99. I’ve been blogging off and on since approximately 2007.
100.  This is my longest running blog to date with two different platforms (blogger now wordpress),  two to three name changes, and several url changes.
101.  If you’ve been with me through it all, I’m impressed and grateful! 🙂
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  • Kathleen | June 20, 2014 | Reply

    I learned some things about you…and we have soooo much in common! 🙂

    • Melissa | June 20, 2014 | Reply

      Do we?! Like what? I want to know 🙂

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