First Year Baby Favorites: Toys

With an official one year old on my hands and a brand new baby on the way, I thought it’d be fun and hopefully helpful for other mamas and mamas to be, if I did a round up of all our first year favorites. These are all things that we found useful and will continue to use for Baby #2. This list ended up being a bit lengthy so I split things up into five different categories:

  1. Skin Care and Diapering
  2. Sleeping
  3. Nutrition
  4. On The Go
  5. Favorite Toys

I’ve already covered Skin Care and Diapering, Sleeping, Nutrition, and On the Go First Year Baby Favorites.

A while back I shared with you my (mama’s) favorite toys, but maybe (just maybe!) it might be more beneficial to share with you the toys my baby actually favored.  So here is a list of toys that Alice really enjoyed her first 12 months:

  • Sophie the Giraffe.  Every kid needs sweet Sophie in their collection of toys!

  • Rubber Ducky for the bath.  This was the first bath toy Alice really gravitated towards and I can say that she still loves Rubber Ducky, over a year later.  Probably helps that I sing the rubber ducky song to her while making him dance along the tub ledge.

  • Piano Play Mat.  This was a key toy the first 6-7 months or so.  Alice loved looking up at the mirror and kicking her little feet on the piano footboard.  I highly recommend!

  • Floor Mirror.  This little mirror was great for tummy time during those early months.  Apparently babies love to look at themselves in mirrors, which prompted me to purchase this mirror.  I think it helped make tummy time a little more tolerable for my girl who wasn’t always such a fan.

  • Touch and Feel books.  Alice has a variety of touch and feel/interactive books that she just enjoys over and over.  The one pictured above is her latest favorite, but I did an entire post on some of her go to books that you can find here.

  • Baby Einstein jumper.  Like the play mat, I highly recommend this jumper.  For a while there Alice would jump and jump and be entertained in this thing for 20 minutes plus.  For an infant to be entertained by something/someone other than you for 20 minutes is huge.

  • Baby Einstein music box.  Alice loves music and therefore loves this little music box.  It lights up and plays several different classical tunes.

  • Sing and Learn doll.  Alice’s grandparents in Alabama sent her this little doll for Christmas and it sings two songs when you push on her belly – an ABC and a 1-2-3 song.  She loves this doll and dances along whenever she hears either of the two songs.

  • Toy Cell phone.  This was given to us by one of my girlfriends and it’s so fun to play “telephone” with A’ using this toy.  I usually hold the phone up to my ear and say something like “Hello?  Oh you’d like to talk to Alice?  Okay…” and place the phone up to her ear.  She giggles every time.


Sophie the Giraffe

Rubber Ducky

Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Mat

Crib and Floor Mirror

Variety of Touch & Feel/Interactive books. A few of our personal faves: Peekaboo Playtime, Peek-A-Boo Forest, Pat the Bunny , and If I Were a Hippo

Baby Einstein Musical Jumper

Baby Einstein Music Box

Sing & Learn Baby Doll (similar)

VTech Dial & Discover Phone

That wraps up this little series of First Year Baby Favorites!  I hope it was helpful to read about some of the things we really found useful during that first year with our first child.  I know that I always enjoyed reading these sorts of posts when I was newly pregnant because I was so out of touch with baby gear.

Disclaimer: All products listed above were either purchased with our own money, gifted to us, or lent to us by friends.  Some affiliate links are included which means if you purchase one of these products I may receive a small commission.  Please note that all opinions are my own and thank you for supporting this blog.

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  • Leanne | June 18, 2014 | Reply

    Eric went bananas for the piano play mat, too. I like that you can flip the keyboard up so they can pound away on it when they’re bigger too.

  • Melissa | June 18, 2014 | Reply

    I agree, it’s such a nice feature for older babies. I’m glad to have it on hand for baby #2!

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