I’m Melissa. I live in Central Oklahoma with my husband Matt and our toddler Alice. We are expecting our second daughter this August. Our girls will be only 15 months apart in age! (You can read more about that here.) We are expecting to be very busy.

We live in a 1960’s ranch style house that we are slowly but surely renovating and decorating to suit our lifestyle and personal taste. Fortunately, for our pocketbook, my husband is awfully handy and is able to do most of the manual labor involved in home renovations himself.

Growing up I was an avid journaler and I suppose this blog is an extension of that old hobby. Here I share pieces of my life through stories and pictures.

Some things I share include:
+our daily adventures, both big and small
+thoughts on motherhood, marriage, and family life
+thoughts on friendships and being a working mama
+DIY ventures
+and general thoughts on life and things I find inspiring.

I’m a grammar rebel. I begin sentences with conjunctions and write in run on sentences on a consistent basis. I’d like to be a perfectionist but I’m too lazy and a bit of a procrastinator. I try to fight my procrastinating ways by making lots of lists. Does it help? Mostly. 🙂

I value the genuine side of life and seek it out in my relationships and within myself. I try to present myself as genuinely as possible but am also fiercely protective of those I love. I love blogging and the community of bloggers as a whole. I do my best to share myself honestly and as fully as possible, however, I realize that my story is deeply intertwined with others and therefore not solely mine to share. So, out of respect for my family, what you’ll find here is just a peek into my life. The perfect life doesn’t exist and I believe that self editing isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Likes: vacations and adventures, tasty meals accompanied by good conversation, laughing, goofy humor, pinot noir, coffee, raisinettes, and ice cold beer.

Dislikes: your mom. I’m kidding. But aren’t mom jokes the best?


Want to know more? Email me anytime at melissaoklahoma@gmail.com

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