Oh Hey

Here are some things I’d like you to know:

+ We are going on another vacation this year. !!!! To Denver to visit the same dear friends we visited last Spring. After feeling like vacations were a distant memory in that phase of we have two babies under two years old, two vacations feels like we won the lottery. We’re bringing the kids and we are so looking forward to a long a weekend away.

+ ALSO I got to have a long girls’ weekend in Austin this year. I know. It’s crazy.  Plus the kids were sick as I was literally driving down the road.  Matt called and said both girls just threw up on themselves in their carseats.  #cringe  Before you think I’m a horrible mom, I offered to turn around three times but my darling husband told me to go on.  Thankful for him and my mother in law who helped out all weekend.

+ Matt and I have taken to having (almost) weekly lunch dates at our favorite authentic Mexican food place. He picks me up from work on my lunch hour and off we go. It’s so nice having that time, just the two of us to chat. Also the Wednesday special: puerco en salsa verde is ahhhhmazing. I get it every single time.

+ I scratched Run a Half Marathon off my bucket list. It truly was an amazing experience. I wish I would’ve written about it much sooner when the memories and endorphins were fresh. I crossed the finish line in just under 2 hours and 10 minutes, and I was pleased as punch with that time. My average pace was about 9:40 and I just cannot say what a great experience the entire thing was – from training, to crossing the finish line, to seeing all the runners and supporters, to my sweet family waiting for me at the end. I’m grateful for it all.

+ In keeping with one little word for 2016 I embarked on a new business adventure with Rodan and Fields. I’ve been intrigued by this company for years and this was the year I took the plunge. First, I love quality of the products, I love how my skin feels, I love helping people feel great about their own skin, and I’m also loving the business side of things. I’m stretching and growing and being challenged in ways that are so new to me.  Of course I’d love to share with you if you are at all interested.

How are you?  It’s been a while.

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Around Here

Most/all of my free time outside of my family and work is spent on trying to improve my health. Which means I’m either working out, preparing something healthy to eat, reading about fitness and or healthy meals, or trying to plan my next workout or my next meal. I want to point out that as a working mother to two, I don’t have a lot of extra time. I’m not trying to downplay my efforts either because I’ve definitely been trying to eat better and workout consistently.   I just don’t want it come across as though I’m spending hours upon hours every day working out and eating well.  (That’d be awesome – ha!  But I don’t have that luxury 😉  Living a healthier lifestyle is definitely a balance and something that’s currently really important to me.  I’m hoping that I will continue to make my health a priority!  Slowly but surely I can see that my hard work is making a difference. I still have a ways to go to reach my personal goals, but I’m trying to remember to be patient and kind to myself.

We celebrated Elaine’s first birthday with our immediate families a couple weeks ago and it was such a fun day.

I’ve always been a little unsure of how much is too much to share in regards to my kiddos online, in social media, and even here on my blog.  I’m not a huge Facebooker but I do love Instagram (I currently have three accounts!  Ridiculous, I know.)  I love having my main account open and not private, but I don’t like not knowing who’s looking at photos of my kiddos.  I was posting a lot of pictures of my girls on my Instagram account and it was starting to make me feel uneasy.  These feelings have been occurring off and on for quite some time so I decided it was time to make a change.  The solution that I’m loving was to create a private account that only family and few select friends that are interested can access.  This private account is all about Alice and Elaine.  It totally satisfies my Momma desire to share photo after photo of them on Instagram while easing my worries about sharing too much with the general public.  I’ll probably still share some photos of my kiddos on my main account, because they are obviously a HUGE part of my life, but the frequency will be drastically reduced.  The new set up is working out well.

I’m already thinking about my One Little Word for next year which makes me realize that I need to focus more on my current One Little Word for 2015.  We still have a good chunk of time to go.  Plus it’s a good one: gratitude.  I’m thinking about making a weekly list of things I’m grateful for.  Big things, little things – it all matters.  I have a lot to be grateful for and can’t help but think it’d be a good idea to give all those things special acknowledgement.

Around here, I’m also re-thinking the Mama/Daughter photo project I’ve been doing this year: M+AK+E.  I l-o-v-e the concept, but it takes a lot of time and effort for me to complete.  I can’t get it together on this one and I’m always late in completing each months’ spread.  (August’s will be late for sure.)  I do have every intention to finish the year out with this project, but next year I’m going to simplify for sure.

What have you been up to lately?  Fill me in 🙂


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Eating better and dealing with other people’s perceptions

For about two months now, Matt and I have been trying to eat healthier. Mostly we have cut out fast food (I can’t even believe I had actually become someone who had to cut out fast food!) and have really reduced the amount of pasta, breads, rice, and white potatos that we eat. I don’t want to say we are following a specific type of diet because we are not crazy about any “rules.” Matt’s definitely stricter with what he eats than I am but we both still “sneak” treats every now and then.  There have been a couple Sunday nights where we just want to order pizza so we do just that.  But for the most part we are eating a lot healthier and preparing most meals at home.  Our sides are a lot less starchy carbs and a lot more veggies.

Initially I just told Matt that this was something I was going to do in an attempt to loose some  of the baby weight I had gained with my back to back pregnancies.  It was a bonus for me when he decided to join in on my efforts.  He admits to gaining some weight himself during my pregnancies.  I mean, who can blame him for picking up a treat for himself when he’d run out to pick me up a chocolate chip milkshake to fulfill my pregnancy cravings?

So it’s going well. We’ve both lost some weight, which is of course encouraging and I really feel like I have a lot more energy than I would have if I wasn’t eating this way.  Also other people seem to notice that I’m eating healthier.  I haven’t really discussed with a ton of people how I’m eating healthier because I just don’t want to make a big deal out of it, but still I guess it’s somewhat noticeable.

One co-worker seems to notice in particular. I guess it was because after she offered me cracker after cracker and I refused day after day she assumed I was trying to eat healthier. She asked me about it, so I admitted that yes I was trying to eat healthier. (I’m not trying to hide it, I just wasn’t trying to call attention to the fact I guess.)  The next week she even went so far as to say me that I inspired her to eat healthier herself.   Not my intention, but that’s great!

Then this morning she came into the office and plopped a McDonalds breakfast sandwich on my desk and said “I know you’re on a diet, but you can still have this, right?”

I mean. What even?

First of all, I really don’t like the word diet because it seems like a phase and I’m trying to eat healthy overall, not just for a limited amount of time. Second of all. WHAT? If you think someone is trying to watch what they eat don’t bring them McDonalds.  It’s straight up sabotage.

Okay maybe sabotage is a dramatic word to use in this scenario, but still.  I was annoyed.  And then I really wanted to eat the sandwich because, well, it smelled good.  I debated on throwing it away or trying to give it away.  In the end I took a bite and threw the rest in the trash.

Because compromise.

Have you ever tried to change your eating habit for the better and had to deal with other people’s opinions/comments?  Sometimes it can be annoying, yes?  And then of course other times it can be totally encouraging.  Like me telling my husband (because I have to tell him, since he lives with me and all) and getting pretty much the best support possible.

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31 Miles in October

October is a big month. It’s my birthday month and the 21st marks my last day of maternity leave. I have mixed emotions about going back to work, but that is an entirely different story for another time perhaps.

Anyways, on the first day of the month I was mulling over things and a wild brain idea entered my head – I should run one mile everyday in October.  Interesting…

See, for the better part of the last four weeks I have been trying to be healthier. I have been eating better and  taking long walks with one of the girls in the BOB Stroller.
I have also been doing a few exercise things at home when I’m crunched for time or even the opposite, when I have a little bit of extra time.  Jogging is something I have definitely wanted to ease myself back into and I have gone on probably two jog/walks, that to be quite honest, were really just long walks that started out with the briefest of a jog.

Running just one mile a day would certainly help get me back into jogging. It would be challenging in that I haven’t been running for pretty much the past two years (back to back pregnancies), yet the short distance would make it attainable.

As the day continued I liked the idea more and more, but wasn’t exactly able to get out for a jog because E is still too young to ride in stroller while jogging and Matt was at work.  No babysitter = no jogging at this point in time.  With that, I pretty much told myself that this hair brained idea just wasn’t going to happen.

Well Matt got home shortly after 5pm and we did the dinner time/bedtime routine with the girls.  The run a mile a day in October idea was still there though, rolling around in the back of mind, but the day was slipping away.  It just wasn’t going to happen I kept telling myself.  Then it was 720 pm, the girls were asleep, and it wasn’t quite dark out.  A little more hemming and hawing before I told myself to just go for it.  With my sneakers laced up I announced that I was gonna run a “quick mile.”   Matt was surprised but said “Go get ’em Tiger” as I headed out the door.

I’m glad I went for it.  I’m on Day #3 and already it hasn’t been without it’s challenges to get those three miles down in the books.  I would like to be able to run every single mile, and I’m going to try my hardest to make that happen.  But the reality is that I’m a mom to two small littles, I have a family, and I’m about to go back to work.  Somedays it may have to be a long walk with the BOB  because there’s no one to watch the kiddos or, worst case scenario, there might be some days where it just cannot happen.  Now that I’ve started I really, really would like to complete this little personal challenge, but if a wrench gets thrown in I’m just going to do my best and start again the next day.

As a bit of motivation I’m posting an Instagram picture of my running shoes everyday with the hashtag #31OctMiles.  I realize it’s day 3, but if you want to join in… please do!!!  The more the merrier.


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